Shute Harbour Marina


Will the general public be able to enjoy the facilities at Shute Harbour Marina Resort?
Yes. The marina will be created with the general public in mind as well as tourists from around Australia and the world. The project will see new public boardwalks, look-outs and seating created throughout the precinct, while public parks and playgrounds will also be established.
Will construction of the marina pose a risk to marine ecology?
A strict Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) will provide for protective measures during construction. In particular excavation for the Marina Basin will be undertaken in the dry and within a fully enclosed worksite.
Are there any other benefits associated with the project?
Yes. The developer will work with council to deliver a boat trailer park adjacent to the development site and the marina development will act as the catalyst for the revitalisation of the Shute Harbour precinct.
Is the development inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park?
No. The development is outside the Marine Park.
Will there be a loss of mangroves as a result of the development?
Approximately 1.84 hectares of mangroves will be removed along the south edge of Shute Harbour Road. However the loss will be offset by replanting and re-establishment of approximately 0.93 hectares of new mangroves along the western front of the development area and 1.0 hectares in other state designated replanting areas in Shute Bay. The end result will be no net loss of mangroves.
Will there be a loss of seagrass in Shute Bay?
Reclamation works will impact an area of 9.61 hectares of sparse seagrass only. The cover of seagrass in the development area being less than 5%, ie 0.48 hectares, which equates to approximately 0.3% of the seagrass meadows of the Whitsunday coast region.
Who will maintain the access channel into the new marina and the marina basin?
The marina berth Community Corporation will pay for the ongoing maintenance of the access channel and marina basin with funds levied from marina berth owners.
There are already berths at the two marinas in Airlie Beach, who will buy/occupy the berths at the Shute Harbour Marina? Both the Airlie Beach marinas got into financial trouble, will this happen again?
There are three elements to these questions.

Firstly, there can never be too many marina berths in the region affording boat protection in cyclonic conditions. The project is one of state significance because it will deliver a well protected marina at Shute Harbour.

Secondly, the berths in Shute Harbour Marina will be sold outright, that is including the 99 year seabed lease. The marina will not “go broke” because it will be managed and maintained using funds raised from each individual berth owner from annual fees levied by the Community Corporation for the marina.

Lastly, berths are needed for key development components in the project eg. 40 for boutique boaties resort, 35 for retirement resort, 52 for waterfront tourist precinct etc. In addition it is anticipated that demand will be high from swing mooring conversion in Shute Harbour and Airlie Beach.
Will water circulate okay through the marina?
Yes. The marina has been designed to meet world standards and will effectively flush every day. It will be one of the best flushed marinas in Australia.
Will Shute Harbour Marina Resort adversely affect the local environment in any way?
The developers of Shute Harbour Marina Resort have committed to protect the natural environment by following stringent design and construction guidelines as directed by government authorities. A special Reef Conservation Fund will also be set up to support management strategies for the ongoing conservation of the region.
Will the project affect property values at Shute Harbour?
It is anticipated that the development will provide a catalyst for the renewal and revitalisation of Shute Harbour and assist in the delivery of a sustainable future for the precinct. This catalytic effect should flow through to a positive influence on commercial and residential values.
How many jobs will Shute Harbour Marina Resort create?
Approximately 436 jobs will be created during the construction phase, while more than 245 new permanent ongoing jobs will be created once the project is complete.
Will the development withstand a cyclone?
Yes. Shute Harbour is recognised as a natural safe harbour and buildings will be designed to cyclone standard codes. A fully enclosed equipped community cyclone shelter will be constructed as part of the first floor level of the Retirement Resort car park.
In the event of a cyclone will I be able to take my boat into the marina?
In the event of a cyclone the Shute Harbour Marina will provide a haven for boats in the region.
Why was Shute Harbour chosen as the location for this development?
Shute Harbour is a naturally sheltered port and is strategically located for the use as a safe haven in cyclone conditions as well as a gateway for vessel passage to the surrounding group of Whitsunday Islands.
When will Shute Harbour Marina Resort be open and ready for public use?
Shute Harbour Marina Resort will be constructed and opened to the public in a staged manner as the different facilities are completed. It is anticipated that the Marina will be opened in 2021 subject to the necessary government approvals.
Following approval, when will construction start on Shute Harbour Marina Resort?
Construction of Shute Harbour Marina Resort is scheduled to commence in 2019, subject to the necessary government approvals.
Who is behind the Shute Harbour Marina Resort Development?
The development consortium for the project is headed up by local developers with proven track records in the delivery of successful projects. They are Colin Crossley (Crossley Group), Mark Daniels (Dandevco Pty Ltd) and Mark McLachlan (East Coast Civil Pty Ltd). Each individual developer has a passion for the Whitsunday region and a strong affinity with the local community and are keen to see the delivery of a major project in the region to help bolster tourism and job creation.
Will the development affect the water quality in Shute Bay?
The water quality in the Bay will be monitored to ensure that it is maintained at its predevelopment standard.
Have there been changes to the breakwater design in the new smaller proposal?
The length of the breakwater has been reduced substantially under the smaller development proposal.
How can I find out more information about the project?
For more information about Shute Harbour Marina Resort visit
Telephone +61 (0) 417 894 837
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